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Being Pagans, we understand that it is our right to practice our religion freely and without prejudice from others. Pagans, as a group, are underrepresented in this country, and misunderstood. However, we are not as small a group as people would believe. By publicizing some of our practices, people outside the Pagan community will begin to understand and accept us.

Pagan Pride Los Angeles, Inc. is an outgrowth of the International Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit organization that sponsors annual Pagan Pride Day celebrations in cities around the world during the month of September. Their goal, and our goal, is to promote tolerance and understanding of Pagans within the general community. Each individual event is coordinated and executed by local residents of the region. Pagan Pride Los Angeles, Inc., established as a separate non-profit corporation as of August, 2000, covers the entire Los Angeles and Orange County regions except for Antelope Valley. Southern California events also exist in San Diego, Palmdale, Ventura, Redlands, and now Palm Springs as well.

  To the upper left are links to our history, to news: the good, the bad, and the ugly, where you can read all my favorite news articles about religious tolerance, and to other organizations working toward our common goal. Please visit these other organizations if you can, and for more information about the International Pagan Pride Project, please visit their site.

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