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The DirectorsPhoto: PPLA Board of Directors - Claudia, Brian, Kandy, Linda

  Linda Fox - President

Linda has been with Pagan Pride LA for many years and has developed many friends and connections. Because of this, she does an amazing job every year of getting all the workshop and ritual presenters scheduled as well as signing up visiting authors.

  Morgana - Vice President

  Brian Ewing - Treasurer

Brian moved to Los Angeles (from Philadelphia) for college at UCLA, where he earned a BS in Atmospheric Sciences. He later graduated from Loyola Law School and is now working as an attorney. He had spent years searching for an appropriate religion. Finding it had to wait until after college, when he met Selene in 1998. He was immediately drawn to Wicca. Being politically active in college, it didn't take long for Brian to become wrapped up in the activist angle of Paganism, and he helped start Pagan Pride Los Angeles. He has since been appointed the Western Regional Coordinator (in 2001) and the Membership Director (in 2004) of the International Pagan Pride Project, and oversees activities nationwide. In his spare time he occasionally works in his previous trade, website design (like this one).

Why he became a Witch: "I spent several years searching for a nature based religion, never knowing where to look. Then I met a Wiccan Witch who introduced me to the craft. Everything Wiccans believed matched what I felt in my heart."

  Kandy- Secretary

Kandy transplanted to Los Angeles from Oklahoma in 2003. She describes herself as a somewhat solitary panentheist witch reveling in elemental and astrological work and has been practicing since 1995. A Project Manager by trade, Kandy is an organizer at heart and coordinates two pagan groups in the Long Beach, CA area. She joined the Pagan Pride LA volunteer team in 2014 and focuses on social media promotion, fundraising and task management.

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