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Sunday, October 15, 2017 - Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach
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  Merchants Confirmed for 2017 PPD

The following booths are confirmed for PPD 2017:

  • Raven's Cry Grove, ADF
    Raven's Cry Grove, ADF, A Druid fellowship serving the Los Angeles area since 1999.
  • Spiritual Inspirations and Readings
    We will be giving readings at special discounted rates. Check us out on Facebook: Instagram : Spiritual_inspirations_juniper.
  • The Mind's Eye II
    The Mind's Eye II. 13560 San Antonio Drive # B, Norwalk, CA 90650. (562) 863-1714. Monday-Saturday 11:30am-7:00pm. Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm.
  • Practical Magicka
    We will have a wide variety of Journals, Boxes, Stones and much more. Bath products galore!
  • Elder And Oak
    Quality handmade jewelry, incense, and gifts.
  • Vibrant Soul
    Unique Handcrafted Orgone Generators & Gemstone Jewelry.
  • Goddess Again }{ Resale Boutique
    Goddess Again }{ Resale Boutique offers gently worn clothing and accessories to adorn the Goddess and Gods that we are. Find incredible treasures at completely affordable prices.
  • Funklectique by Moya
  • Long Beach Pagan Meetup
    Meet local Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Druids and other practitioners of Paganist spirituality and religion! Come to an LB Pagan Meetup to make friends, share lore and exchange powerful knowledge about spells, witchcraft and magick. We welcome all different kinds of practices, we are eclectic and this is definitely a comfortable environment to explore, learn and grow!
  • Slice of Jamaica
  • New Lotus Art
  • The Dragon and The Rose
    The Dragon and The Rose is Orange County's best and most complete store for practitioners of alternative spiritual paths. Proudly serving the Pagan Community since 2009.
  • Kilt Boy's Custome Leather
    Veteran owned leather business offers a variety of accessories like leather roses, alter tiles, chokers, brackets, bracers, belts, harnesses and much more. All items are handmade and custom orders are always welcome.
  • Royal Heart Healing
  • Ayamanatara
    Ayamanatara is back this year! We are going to have mini presentations throughout the day, as well as items for sale.
  • Shaman Art From My Heart
    Come see me for the best in Cruelty Free feather jewelry and Shamanic healing wares. Animal Skull healing wands, magnetic healing bracelets, and oh so many pendulums for you! EVERYTHING is handmade and one-of-a-kind! Y'all come down and see me, ya hear?
  • Shadowcraft
    Hand made jewelry and accessories. Unique one of a kind and limited collection pieces. For those who Cherish the Day and Revel the Night.
  • Baubles & Steam Emporium
    Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories with a Steam punk Pagan flair.
  • ButterflyMoon
    ButterflyMoon, purveyor of uniquely spiritual jewelry is pleased to be returning to PPLA/OC. Come see us for Sterling Silver, fun fashionable, and affordable gifts.
  • Of Oak and Ash
    Of Oak and Ash [Botanicals]. Etsy: ofoakandashbotanical. Herbals, occult items, tarot bags, magical objects, artwork.
  • Shelley Hofberg
    Teri Lynn Can See and Shelley Hofberg will be doing intuitive tarot readings.
  • Teri Lynn Can See,
  • Apocalypticore
    APOCALYPTICORE - Los Angeles Based Artisans and Musicians Topper Anthony and Jacque Mahoney sharing their hand-made offerings: hand-sculpted runes, ritual essential oils and salts, hand-beaded jewelry, barb ware and mirror sculptures, paintings, oddities, music, and more.
  • The Green Man (818) 985-2010. Ritual supplies, custom dressed spell candles, jewelry, crystals, statuary, psychic readers & healers, classes, rituals.
  • Moon & Horn
    Moon & Horn. Botanica & Boutique. Organic & Vegan body products and accessories.
  • Tor Enterprises
    Tor Enterprises presents Glastonburys Gifts. Unique Gifts - Pagan - Fantasy. Medieval - Renaissance - Victorian.
  • Ghostwheel
    Ghostwheel is a coven within the larger DragonStone covenstead. We are also a member coven of Covenant of the Goddess, a 501(c)3 California nonprofit corporation. We are an eclectic tradition primarily of European origin, honoring the Goddess, the God and spirits in their many names. We accept candidates into our teaching program in January or February each year. After a year and a day, the candidates may be initiated and thereafter we gather in the San Fernando or San Gabriel Valleys to celebrate the 8 sabbats and monthly full moons. The complete teaching program is 4 years in total. We are a secret tradition but welcome members from all backgrounds.
  • Golden Lotus Lodge OTO
    Golden Lotus Lodge is a fraternal organization in the style of Freemasonry and the ancient mystery schools which ceremonially confers graduated degrees of initiation
  • Celestial Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
    Since Celestialís inception 27 years ago, we have performed nearly 400 rites, almost exclusively on a very special hilltop in Agoura. Originally formed as an experimental combination of traditional Druidism with the works of the luminously articulate Terrence McKenna, we have created a vibrant synthesis, something special and new; all to provide you, the knowledgeable Worker of the Will, with a powerful and energetically authentic ritual context for the achieving of your magical ends. For more information, contact Merlin at, or come to our booth here at Pagan Pride.
  • Wulfenbahr Arts
    Wulfenbahr Arts - laser engraved boxes and board/custom t-shirts and bags. Please visit our webstore at / (626)716-3523
  • Pacific Circle Revival
    Pacific Circle Revival's mission is bringing the pagan community together, in nature, for an enlightening, spiritual, and educational camping experience enjoyed by pagans and their families at Summer Solstice.
  • Anna Strongwolf Designs
    Unique pagan and fantasy jewelry and home decor. All made with care and with specific intent, inspired by Spirit and in harmony with the materials used. Pagan prayer beads, elf ear cuffs, home talismans, slave bracelets, one of a kind necklaces, Chakra jewelry, zodiac bracelets, pendulums, and much more. Custom orders are welcome.
  • Celtic Art Store
    Mindfulness Art. Finger Labyrinths & Celtic Mandalynths. Also Glass Dome Digital Art Jewelry. Shop the Celtic Art Store Today!
  • Urban Santeria

  • Authors Hawk Wilburn and Lady Brenda will be selling their books, various pagan items and sachets.

  • DRKLGHT Clothing
    DRKLGHT Clothing mixes positive messages with imagery from occult, horror, geek, LGBTQ, and straight edge communities and enshrines them on high quality, super soft shirts. Instagram @drklghtclothes
  • Orange County Local Chapter - Covenant of the Goddess (CoG)
    Covenant of the Goddess. Orange County Local Chapter. General Information and Member Contact.
  • The Crooked Path
    The Crooked Path Occult Apothecary. 1403 West Magnolia Blvd Burbank CA 91506 (818) 736-5919. Specializing in, East Coast Custom Pull Out Spell Candles, Oil blends and Incense, and all your Ritual Needs.
  • Southern California Naturist Association
    The Southern California Naturist Association provides and promotes clothing-optional (skyclad) recreation and activities.
  • MsFormaldehyde
  • The Witch and Pagan Network
    The Witch and Pagan Network is an open circle on serving Pasadena, the San Gabriel Valley, and now La Habra/North Orange County, with a web presence for over 10 years. All are welcome, please petition to join at:;; or Jennnifer Morris is also a Sponsor and a Pagan Pride Sponsor
  • Bottles N More
  • Hexanhaus
    Hexanhaus; a collection of occult ephemera and witchcraft supplies including hand made items such as brooms. Tarot readings available as well.
  • Frey's Hermetic Supplies Higher-end products for serious witches.
  • Los Angeles Pagan Community Outreach
    Los Angeles Pagan Community Outreach is a Non-Profit group formed to serve the Greater Los Angeles Pagan Community, and to Outreach. We wish to promote and foster Pagan Ethos, Identity, Community Programs, and Support Groups. We are an Intrafaith group, but will also work with Interfaith issues.
  • dōLIFE
    Get your certified therapeutic grade essential oils that provide the best most reliable health benefits.
  • Baggy Pants Productions (dba Enchantments Ltd.)
    Enchantments, Ltd. Wands, spells, personal care products, crystals, oils, other occult products.
  • Lightness
    Lightness is a magical boutique in Highland Park that sells simple, curated metaphysical sundries, and offers workshops designed to enlighten and empower you.
  • Yxtabay
    Unique handmade, hand selected, vintage & imported jewelry, art & accessories. Yxtabay is well known in the goth/fetish community for beautifully made, interesting pieces that calm, heal & delight. We carry rings from sizes 4
  • Atmosphere Books & Gifts, LLC
    Atmosphere Books & Gifts. Enlighten your Mind, Heal your Body, and Uplift your Spirit. 888-651-1791
  • Intuitive Healing Journey
    Intuitive Healing Journey (Lakewood, CA). Holistic Approach to Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness. Special Offerings: Oracle Card Reading, Reiki Healing, Diksha Blessing (562)354-1521
  • Botanica Kalidonya
    Botanica Kalidonya is an urban apothecary dedicated to sharing Sacred Plant Wisdom through teaching, healing & unique offerings. Visit us at
  • Herbs to the Rescue- Iridology and Herbology
    Iridology: The Study of Iris. Herbal Cleansing & Detoxification, pH balance. Parasite and Yeast Killing. Divine Muscle Testing. Scott Hornsby 2nd Generation Healer 425-681-4796.
  • 100 Graces
    100 Graces is a unique line of gemstone jewelry inspired by Goddess energy and crystal healing. At 100 Graces, jewelry is more than a fashion statement- it is a tool of empowerment, self- discovery and connecting to your inner Goddess. EternalGlyphics Wood & Henna Artisan.
  • EternalGlyphics
    Wood & Henna Artisan.


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