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Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach
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Pagan Pride Los Angeles is the local chapter of a national movement that operates media-friendly events to educate the community about Paganism.

Come to this year's Pagan Pride Day LA/OC in Long Beach and watch, or participate in, Reclaiming's Social Justice ritual, featured as our main ritual. Read the press release. Or attend other rituals from many paths: Druidry, Asatru, Egyptian, and Wiccan. Attend workshops by Barbara Lieberman, Jeffrey Albaugh, Julie James, Karen Tate, and many others. Complete schedule. Come shop from Dragonmarsh, Mountain Witch Tea Company, ButterflyMoon, Glastonburys Gifts, and many others.

Learn about the crucial When and Where for PPD and also check out the huge list of vendors and organizations coming.

Please bring as much dry food donations as you can for our charity drive to Food Finders. The harvest festival that coincides with our event is about harvesting AND sharing! And we want to shatter past records.

Parking change! Parking is ACROSS THE STREET FROM the Rainbow Lagoon (at Marina Green), not the Convention Center parking. It still costs $10. You will see directional signs.

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