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Sunday, October 14, 2018 - Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach
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  Information about Organization Booths

The booth spaces are currently full and there is a wait list. You can apply or send Brian an email inquiry; either way will get you placed on the wait list. Decisions will hopefully be made next week. Some people might pull out, and I am going to cram a couple more spaces in, if I can. But don't pay yet.

Come have your organization host a booth at Pagan Pride Day, 2018, in Long Beach. Below, please read about the benefits of having a booth at PPD, and then read other important information and apply at the link below.

Please also consider becoming a sponsor of PPD!

Here are some fast facts about PPD:

  • 2300 shoppers attended the 2015 event.
  • 92% of vendors plan to come back for 2016 and in the future.
  • 77% of vendors rated their day at the event very profitable.
  • 42% say the cross-promotion efforts are "great."
  • The base booth fee is only $35.

"I've been vending at PPLA for years and it's my favorite event! Great people, positive energy and lots of fun!" Anna Strongwolf.

Any questions concerning booths at Pagan Pride Day should be directed to Brian Ewing, Event Operations.

If you apply, but then do not receive an email confirmation within a couple weeks, contact Brian at 310-801-3909.

Organizations must agree to the guidelines in the application, so read carefully in the


For general event updates, including booth announcements, please sign up for our email list.

View the site map here.




Pay your fees using PayPal
Non vending organizations ($35)


Organizations vending to raise funds for their organization ($85)



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