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  Events at past Pagan Pride Days

Past speakers, workshop leaders, and authors include Donald Michael Kraig, Sabina Magliocco, Tony Mierzwicki, Ed Fitch, Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, Fiona Horne, Phyllis Curott, Lon Milo DuQuette, LaSara Firefox, Joni Abbatecola, Jennifer Reif, Ellen Cannon Reed, Karen Tate, Alfred Surenyan, Lisa Morgenstern, Julie James, Denise Dumars, Tarnie Fulloon, Angelica del Mar, Brother Christian, Elysia, Boreas r.d., Lady Cerridwyn, Arnold Kameda, Joe Futerman, Debra Katz, Ayamanatara, and Ann Finnin, just to name a few.

Acts that have performed at PPD include Temple of the Goddess Choir, Ansuz, Whitefeather, Wild Wood Border Morris Dancers, Silver Phial, League of Vampiric Bards, Demonika and the Darklings, Black Cadence, Advanced Bliss, Akasha Drum Circle, The Conductors, Lust 4 Nightmares, Hauk, and Rev. Stevie Davis, just to name a few.

Past Rituals included

  • A Winter Finding Blot by Asatru and Heathen meetup group of Long Beach and OC
  • Mabon Harvest Magick Ritual by The Temple of Aradia
  • A Druidic Ritual by Ravens Cry Grove
  • Honoring the Ancient Bardic Traditions by Mother Grove of FoDLA
  • Liber Resh vel Helios - Daily Noon Adoration to the Sun by 93 Oasis Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O) of Montebello/Whittier
  • Increase your Magical Abilities by The Order of the Crimson Dragon
  • The Weighing of the Heart Ceremony by Shen emHeka & the Apple Valley Pagan Meetup Group
  • Blessing of the Land by Jamie Martinez Wood
  • Feast of Sekhmet by Apple Valley Pagan Meetup Group
  • Elf Mill by Ristandi & Rune-Gild
  • Huge drum circles - some organized, some spontaneous

  • just to name a few.

  Other milestones at past Pagan Pride Days

PPD 2007: 2007 PPD Community Service Award was given to Yvonne Conway, former National Public Information Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, who has done interviews about Wicca and Witchcraft for newspapers, magazines, radio shows and TV.

PPD 2006: First ever PPD Community Service Award was given to Willow HarvestMoon, owner of Crystal Cauldron, for her work, among other things, speaking at colleges and city council meetings.

PPD 2005: Since this event fell on 9/11, a memorial altar was put up for 9/11 victims.

2002: Pagan Pride Day moves its event to Whittier Narrows Regional Park in El Monte, it current long-time home. Pagan Pride Day also officially changes it name to Pagan Pride Day Los Angeles/Orange County.

2000: LA PPD starts holding other events leading up to the main PPD event, by holding the Spring Faire at the former Raven's Flight store.

1999: First ever Pagan Pride Day Los Angeles held at Westwood Building in West Los Angeles. Forty-four events nationwide were held during this second year of the National Pagan Pride movement.


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