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November 7, 2021, Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach
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The Pagan Pride LA/OC patronage program is live. It's a great opportunity for people who enjoy Pagan Pride Day to support the event while getting awesome monthly perks to stay engaged throughout the year. Patronage starts at just $1 a month.

Pagan Pride LA/OC has been invoking tolerance through our free Pagan Pride Day since 1999. We believe that giving the public a place to experience our beliefs and practices will create familiarity and further religious tolerance. With this goal in mind, Pagan Pride Day is always FREE to attend.

Although free to attend, it is not free to create, so Pagan Pride Day relies heavily on the financial support of pagan attendees, organizations and businesses.

Our second objective is to support a diverse and thriving pagan community. We work to connect pagans with organizations, businesses, and the support they need throughout the Southland.

This Patreon allows YOU to help us invoke tolerance and support our community while getting some fantastic perks! Itís a great day to be a pagan in the Southland.

Visit The Pagan Prde LA patron's site for more details, to see the perks available to you, and to become a patron.

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