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Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach
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  2016 Pagan Pride Day LA/OC

Basic Info:
October 2, 2016, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Rainbow Lagoon Park.
East Shoreline Drive (enter Linden Ave.)
Long Beach, CA. 90802.
(Across from Shoreline Village Dr.)

Parking change! Parking is ACROSS THE STREET FROM the Rainbow Lagoon (at Marina Green), not the Convention Center parking. It still costs $10. You will see directional signs.

Picnics allowed. Family Friendly event with children's activities. We will have food trucks part of the day and there are restaurants across the street. Press and filming will be on site, but you can decline to be interviewed/photographed.

Transit Options

Directions: 710 South to Long Beach, take exit 1C on the left toward Downtown Long Beach/Convention Center/Aquarium.
Map: The park has no specific address, but "390 E. Shoreline Dr. Long Beach 90802" works on Google maps: Map to Rainbow Lagoon.

Want to Carpool? Carpool to PPD

Metro: Blue Line, 1st Street Stop or Transit Mall stop.
(Note: on Metro's trip planner - use "SHORELINE DR/PINE, LONG BEACH, CA 90802" for destination and set "max walk" to 1 mile, check "use rail and bus".)

Locally:This bus serves stops for free in downtown Long Beach, and runs from the Blue Line stop to the park:   Passport bus schedules

OCTA Trip planner:

Charging stations: lists two charging at the Long Beach Convention Center (connected to the park), one at Shoreline Village (across the street from the park) and one at Pike Street (a few blocks down the street from the park). These are all listed as public.

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