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Sample Event/Sale Promotion Plan





Sponsor: Brianís Evil Emporium


Campaign Name: The Extraordinary Evil Experience (EEE)


Description of the Event, Promotion, Item being promoted: The Extraordinary Evil Experience is an evil experience event that all attendees with find exceptionally extraordinary. It is taking place on Friday October 13th at Brianís Evil Emporium


Goals of the campaign: 1) Increase RSVPíed attendees by 10

††††††† †††††††††2) Increase Interested RSVPís to 50

†††††††††††††††† 3) Avoid Superhero Notice


Target audience: People near Sherman Oaks that are interested in Evil and Supervillianry.


Messaging: The Extraordinary Evil Experience is the perfect place to hone your villain skills, get new villain gadgets and learn about the best forms of villianry from our key note villans.


Length of Campaign: 7 days


Platforms and locations: PPDLA Facebook Page, PPDLA Twitter, PPDLA Instagram and Facebook groups


Relevant tags: #supervillian #badguys #hooligan #ruffian #bandit #laserbeams #muhhaha


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