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Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach
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  Schedule of Activities

Updated September 24.

We've made no printable version available because the whole final schedule will be part of the program available at the Pagan Pride Day entrance. Be sure to ask for it!

Check back here often. As the event gets closer, workshops will have subjects, rituals will have titles, and all scheduled events will have times.


10:45 a.m.: Opening Blessing by Linda Fox of PPLA

11:00 a.m.: ADF Druid Style Rite of Gathering - Raven’s Cry Grove

12:00 p.m.: Winter Nights Blot - Hallowed Horn Kindred

1:00 p.m.: Main Ritual – Community Social Justice Ritual and Spiral Dance - Reclaiming LA

2:00 p.m.: Egyptian Ritual, The Rite of Rebirth - Hathor and the Holy Cows

3:00 p.m.: Trusting Your Path - SoCal Covenant of the Goddess (workshop about this ritual at 2:00)

4:00 p.m.: Blessings of the Harvest – The Dragon and the Rose Circle

Workshops usually last about 50 minutes to an hour

11:00 AM:Mary Stuart – Magick in the Mundane: The Art of Mindfulness
11:00 AM:Timothy Roderick – Key of Solomon Magic
11:00 AM:Barbara Lieberman – Unchained Spirit, Living with Chronic Illness
12:00 PM:Julie James - Listening to Plants
12:00 PM:Jeffrey Albaugh - Red Thread of Fate
12:00 PM:R. Merlin - The Celestial Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids – Celestial Circle Songs
2:00 PM:Lady Brenda McKoy, Georgia Vlahos – Tarot Secrets
2:00 PM:Lady Mariah Starsinger & Maureen Megaera Holley – Preparing for Ritual (Ritual at 3:00)
2:00 PM:Karen Tate – Sekhmet, Lady of Tenacity Manifested
3:00 PM:Murtagh anDoile - An Deithe: The Gods of the Tuatha De Danann
3:00 PM:Tony Mierzwicki: Magickal Fragrances
3:00 PM:Jeanne McLaughlin – Shamanic Practices 101
4:00 PM:James D. Rietveld – Aphrodite Goddess of Love – An Academic Investigation of her Origins, Worship and Mythology
4:00 PM:Carl Young – Finding your psychic powers through the tarot
4:00 PM:Jose Ajpu Munoz - Crystal Skulls: Ancient and Contemporary

Author Booth
Authors will be featured at the author's booth throughout the day

12:00 PM Timothy Roderick -
Wicca: Another year and a day
Barbara Lieberman -
The Unchained Spirit, The Treasure of Ravenwood: A Fairy Tale
2:00 PM R. Merlin
3:00 PM Karen Tate -
Walking An Ancient Path, Goddess Calling, Sacred Places of Goddess
Lady Brenda McKoy, Georgia Vlahos -
Tarot Secrets, Reiki for Witches
4:00 PM Tony Mierzwicki -
Graeco-Egyptian Magick

Most performances last twenty minutes

11:00 AMCrossroads Demons
11:30 AMViolet Maven
12:00 PMBella & Friends
12:30 PMAmy Clarke
2:00 PMWild Wood Border Morris Dancers
2:30 PMElizabeth J Matson
3:00 PMWhite Woman Flutes
3:30 PMAislin Lumina
4:00 PMPopoki House
4:30 PMJuliana and Dolphina of Dancing Goddess and GoddessLife
5:00 PMRene Collins


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