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Welcome to our website. I posted this website as a place to gather information about the Pagan Pride Day events in the Western United States, specifically Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. If you live somewhere else, we have probably reached your state too, and your state can be found at the national site (paganpride.org). More information about each event can be located on their local websites, which almost every event has. This site offers links to those sites, which can be found by clicking "find events."

The Pagan Pride project was started by Cecylyna and Dagonet Dewr in Indianapolis in 1998. We owe much to the Gay Pride movement, from who we borrow our name and some of our goals. The goal is to foster religious tolerance by introducing our faith to the outside world, which often misinterprets the meaning of the word Pagan. In addition to our efforts to educate the public, we include charity work as a part of each event to help give back to the communities in which we live.

Every year the Project has grown in size nationwide, and now includes several other countries too, like Canada, England, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Portugal and South Africa. When it grew past a dozen events, regions were established to help coordinate the activities, and to place more bodies on the Board of Directors. I am the third Regional Coordinator to serve in the West (since 2005), and I give many thanks to my predecessors, Gail and Brian, for planting the seeds and starting to grow them, as they helped establish what are now the region's largest events.

This region is one of the larger regions in area and in number of events. For example, California has grown from two events to ten, Western Washington has four events, and more events are forming along the Oregon coast and in Northern California. This is why networking has become important. In my travels between events, I have learned that vendors, musicians, and even people would love the opportunity to attend to multiple events as well. Please use this website as your roadmap and travel guide, and access the local websites to learn more about each specific event.

Blessed Be,
Western Regional Coordinator, Pagan Pride Project