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Events in the News

Some great news stories are linked below. The 2001 Hemet, CA event was also featured in a documentary called Hollywood Religions, available from September Films. But since it was supposed to be set in Hollywood, they didn't mention it was taking place in Hemet.

2005 Events

From Reno, NV (about a Pre-PPD event)
Nature remains core to pagan beliefs

From Phoenix, AZ
Paganismís Long March

2004 Events

From Olympia, WA
Local pagans gather to share faith, answer questions

From Chico, CA
Pagans parade at Butte College

From Oceanisde, CA
Season of the Witch: Pagans proclaim their pride amid harvest celebration

2003 Events, articles from September

From Oceanside, CA
Pagan pride takes root

From San Francisco, CA
2nd Annual Pagan Pride Day Returns to Golden Gate Park

From Los Angeles, CA
Pagans will assemble Saturday for Pride Day (article removed)

From Los Angeles, CA
Area pagans celebrate autumn equinox (article removed)

From Modesto, CA
Festival celebrates life, fall harvest

From Redlands, CA
Pagans have their day (free registration required)

From Redlands, CA
Pagans celebrate change of seasons (article removed)

From Redlands, CA
Pagan Pride celebration slated at Sylvan Park (article removed)

2002 Events, articles from September

From Tacoma, WA:
Third Annual Northwest Pagan Pride Day: The Noble Pagan

From Ventura, CA:
Peaceful, loving, caring, silly ... Pagans at pride festival say they are all these things -- and misunderstood
(Ventura County Star - article has since been removed from website)

From Phoenix, AZ:
Pride Day aimed at bringing Valley pagans 'out of the broom closet'
(9/19/02 AZCentral.com - article has since been removed from website)

From Palmdale, CA:
Pagan Pride Day celebrates autumn equinox
(Antelope Valley Press - article has since been removed from website)

From Hemet, CA:
Pagan Pride Day Set For Saturday

2002 Events, articles from earlier in the year

Hemet's first 2002 Fundraiser:
Weather throws chill on pagan spring rites

Antelope Valley's first event attracted more than Pagans:

  • Pagans' Presence Tests Tolerance (Orange County Digital City - article has since been removed from website)
  • Christians disrupted pagan equinox party (4/1/02 AZCentral.com - article has since been removed from website)
  • Sheriff captain defends protest response (4/2/02 Los Angeles Daily News - article has since been removed from website)
  • Also Noteworthy from 2002

    Not a part of our group, but cool anyway:
    Pagan pride parade -- and Ase! we go

    2001 Pagan Pride Day Western Events

    From Sacramento, CA:
    People & Places: Hey there Shamans, Druids, Wiccans: Pagan Pride Harvest Festival

    From Hemet, CA:
    Pagans Left Alone
    Harvest fete to show Inland pagans' pride

    From Las Vegas, NV (before Pagan Pride Day)
    Las Vegas Comes Out of the Broom Closet: Pagan Pride Day
    Pagans honor spirit of Mother Earth: Members of nontraditional faith worship nature