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Online Event Saturday and Sunday, October 24 and 25, 2020
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please donate   Pagan Pride Los Angeles works to end intolerance towards Pagans by educating the public about who Pagans really are and what we really do. Pagan Pride Day attracts the public and the media to learn about us at a fun day of rituals, workshops, and entertainment. PPLA will also expand our educational efforts by conducting outreach at other community events. The costs of putting on this event are pretty enormous (check out income/expenses), and we always need your financial support to bring this event to you and get the word out to non-Pagans that Pagans are OK.

Pagan Pride LA/OC has been struggling for a couple years. This is true of all nonprofits, and true of many people as well, as we know too well. We have always tried to keep costs low for our vendors, and rely on fundraising tools like raffles and sales of PPD items. But this year we need donations more than ever. Donation boxes are always available at our events. We also always have fun raffles or silent auctions, so you can take a chance to get a prize for your donation! But we need to pay for most things before the event happens, so we need donations before the event. Pagan Pride Los Angeles is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and your contribution is tax deductible. You can PayPal us money by using this donation button:

You can shop for cool stuff at the Cafe Press Store. (Cafe Press seems to cost alot, but $3.00 from each item comes directly to PPLA.)
We can also take simple checks payable to Pagan Pride Los Angeles and mailed to:

Pagan Pride Los Angeles
P.O. Box 56521
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

Send us a PayPal donation directly:

We will send you a receipt for every donation. A self-addressed stamped envelope will help expedite the process. And be sure to come to our events!

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