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November 7, 2021, Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach
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Our mailing lists send announcements and news about the event, about vending, and about the monthly newsletter. Keep up to date on what's happening with Pagan Pride Day, and sign up for the monthly newsletter to receive and read stories written by us and our partners.

The Southland Pagan Press is a Pagan community newsletter for the greater Los Angeles area that is focused on community news, editorials and events. This blog contains news and editorials provided by the community that do not have their own online source. Check out the site for current and past editions of the newsletter.

Potential contributors: The Southland Pagan Press goes out on the last Friday of the month. We welcome contributions from all local pagans and pagan friendly groups. Please visit the website for information on how to share your article with our wide audience. The themes change every month, and stories will be related to the theme. The newsletter also contains a list of upcoming events in Southern California.

Visit our Mailchimp signup form. (Only some directors have access to the email list and we don't use the emails for marketing, except for marketing Pagan Pride Day, and we don't release them.)


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