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November 7, 2021, Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach
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   How Stores Can Help

Area merchants are especially poised to assist PPLA leading up to the event. This benefits any businesses who plan to vend at our event, because you will drive more people both to our event and to your booth at PPD. Here are some ideas:

  • Do you have class space we could use for a class that would be a PPLA fundraiser (and fundraiser for your store?) Please email the Treasurer or Vendor Coordinator (currently the same person).

  • Friend/Like us on Facebook or MySpace and repost our announcements to your email lists.

  • Do you run regular ads that could incorporate PPLA (for example, a magazine ad that can say, in August, "Come see us at PPD?") Please email the Vendor Coordinator. We can provide graphics or language and possibly share some of the cost or provide a donation receipt.

  • Can you incorporate PPLA into your own marketing avenues by, for example, forwarding our announcements to your own email lists? Announcements from our list can be freely forwarded.

  • Do you have suggestions or donations for our sponsorship program? Please contact the President.

  • One store recently performed a prosperity ritual which not only directed energy towards PPLA's prosperity, but also raised significant funds during the ritual itself that were then donated to PPD. Please contact the Treasurer for ideas.

"I got to work at Pagan Pride Day and run around and arrest people!"

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