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Online Event Saturday and Sunday, October 24 and 25, 2020
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   How You Can Help

Pagan Pride Los Angeles works to end intolerance towards Pagans by educating the public about who Pagans really are and what we really do. Pagan Pride Day attracts the public and the media to learn about us at a fun day of rituals, workshops, and entertainment. PPLA will also expand our educational efforts by conducting outreach at other community events. All this is not possible without volunteers: PPD alone needs lots of staff to work in different areas of the event and ensure things run smoothly. Volunteers also contribute greatly leading up to the event, by getting the word out and by helping at fundraisers.

Helping out at PPD gives you an opportunity to meet and network with fellow Pagans, more than if you attended PPD as a guest. It is also rewarding just to be involved in organizing this event for your community! What can volunteers do to help? No long term commitment is required. Help us out by stepping up for one or more of these tasks:

  • If you know store owners, online vendors, or people who run booths at shows, let them know that vendor applications for our event are on our website. Or, even pass them an application.

  • Authors and entertainers are also welcome at our event and should be directed to our website. Linda Fox coordinates the author schedule, Brian Ewing the entertainer schedule.

  • Does your coven want to lead a ritual at Pagan Pride Day LA/OC? Please contact Linda Fox.

  • We need one or more large wooden three side board(s) built to post signs on, especially signs regarding the event schedule. We also need large signs designed for the author area, workshop areas, etc. Please come to the volunteer meeting for details or contact the volunteer coordinator.

  • Do you have security/policing experience? We need three or four security people for the day of the event. Please contact the volunteer coordinator.

  • Do you have an idea for a fundraiser? Contact the volunteer coordinator. We really need the money.

Come to our meetings to find out more! We hold volunteer meetings approximately once a month at various locations around the Southland. For more specific updates regarding volunteer meetings, please join our email list. The only email messages on this list concern PPLA/OC and come from the Directors only - low traffic.

Ready to volunteer? Please use this form to contact us.

"I got to work at Pagan Pride Day and run around and arrest people!"

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