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Online Event Saturday and Sunday, October 24 and 25, 2020
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  What you can do to help us out.
Volunteering is funIf you would like to participate in the event behind the scenes, please considering volunteering and work at our booth for an hour (or more), or help us set up or break down the event. Work the event.

We need your help to make our events, and our movement, a success. You can help PPLA with its goal of educating the public about Paganism, and also be more deeply involved in a fun event! There are several ways you can help. Please consider one or more of them.

Helping out with PPD gives you a chance to meet your fellow Pagans and be involved in putting on this exciting event for them. Learn more about volunteering.

How businesses can help.
Stores can do specific things to help market or otherwise benefit PPD. Read how.

Donate Money
Maybe you have so little time, but you have a dime to spare (or more). Park rental, licenses, and supplies are very expensive, in fact LAPPD is one of the most expensive in the country. We accept donations and your donation is tax deductible. You can mail them to us or PayPal money to Some people have little time or money, kind of like me.

Donate Goods
We also have a wish list of supplies and services that, if donated, would save us money in our budget. Think you might have a service or product to give? Click to see our wish list.

Link to us
Post our link and banner on your website.

Spread the Word
You can help get the word out: download and pass out our flyer or email this flyer.

Come to the event
The biggest thing you, and everyone else, can do to support us is to attend to the events. Please sign up for the periodic news updates. Also, we always need ideas for the upcoming Pride Days. Help us by giving your feedback, compliments and suggestions.

Support us financially! Buy cool stuff, with part of the proceeds of each sale going to us, and know that you're helping us while getting something for yourself. Please visit our Cafe Press site! The products may seem a little pricey, but a third of that comes to us. And you get to wear your cool PPLA shirts at all our events! Visit

If you are curious as to where the money goes, Click here.

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