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November 7, 2021, Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach
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You might want to check the PPD schedule of activities to insure that you aren't volunteering to work during a workshop, ritual, etc., that you want to attend. Check the table for open slots, then fill in the webform below the table. Oh, and if you sign up for a time, be sure you can follow through.

7 AM to set upopenopenopenopen
8 AM to set upopenopenopenopen
10 AM boothopenopenopenopen
11 AM boothopenopenopenopen
Noon boothopenopenopenopen
1 PM boothopenopenopenopen
2 PM boothopenopenopenopen
3 PM boothopenopenopenopen
4 PM boothopenopenopenopen
5 PM boothopenopenopenopen
Tear down and clean upopenopenopenopen
Tear down and clean upopenopenopenopen


Contact Number(s):

Email address:

Check all time slots that you wish to work
7 AM setup
8 AM setup
Cleanup until 7 PM

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